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World of Novelty..

Our research and development laboratory is well equipped with brand new ducted fume cupboard connected to brand new extraction system to support our research in the areas of synthesis, small scale product development and development of old or new processes. As a well equipped laboratory based company we offer building block entities, high end amino acids, synthetic carbocyclic and heterocyclic organic compounds. We provide

  • High end novel building blocks for pharma industry.
  • Advance library of aminoacids.
  • Customer support to the best of their expectation.
  • Discuss projects in detailed requirement.
  • Provide research and development support.  
curcumin pure
curcumin pure
chloramphenicol palmitate


Fresh Approach

We have new and safe chemistry protocol towards building our new libraries of molecules. New and novel chemical compounds are constantly being added to our catalogue. We try to make sure the spectral and analytical data be added with the molecules to boost confidence of clients and visitors. Any inquiry for more information is always welcome.

Experience & Expertise

Our broad skill in producing chiral ligands, asymmetric synthesis, novel entities and method development places us in a better place in the area.

Comprehensive Planning

We look at all available research and development tools to pick the ones best suited project requirements.

Our Catalog

Please find our catalogue list here

Our Catalog

Please find our catalogue list here




Company Number 10781328

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